Jerome’s Latin Psalter based on the Hebrew

Written by jdarlack on July 24th, 2007

Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman (MGVH) has uploaded Jerome’s Latin Psalter, based on the the Hebrew text (VPH). For more information about the file, take a look at his post on the BibleWorks forum, and his blog.

From Mark’s description in the files:

The Vulgate: Liber Psalmorum Iuxta Hebraicum = Jerome’s Psalter based on the Hebrew

Jerome’s translation of the Psalter based on the Hebrew. Ca. 398-405CE. For more information, cf.

Text derived from: (also available here:

Text in the public domain. (Cf.

To install, download the file and unzip its contents into your /BibleWorks/databases/ directory.

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