Calvin’s Old Testament Commentary

Written by jdarlack on June 15th, 2007

Attie Bogaards has made available Calvin’s commentary on the Old Testament. (See here, and here.) This module was made by Willem Swanepoel of Krugersdorp, South Africa. He provides the following notes in the title page:

The source of this implementation was the Online Bible version, the use of which Mr. Larry Pierce kindly agreed to. The Online Bible version was chosen because of the relative easy with which the information could be extracted and converted to HTML, and because it was essentially the only version for which I could obtain permission to use it for BibleWorks.

This version does, however, differ somewhat from the original commentary in some respects:

  1. Calvin commented on the last four books of Moses and on the first three Gospels in the form of a harmony. Online Bible deviated from the sequence of the commentary by reverting to the sequence of the Bible. This Bible sequence has been retained in the BibleWorks version. The Online Bible notes showing the original sequence were also retained in the text, and are hyper-linked.
  2. Footnotes in Online Bible are given after the commentary on each verse or range of verses. This format was also retained. To keep additional editing of the text to a minimum, the footnotes were not hyperlinked. It is therefore unfortunately necessary to scroll down to the footnotes when required. Hyperlinking the footnotes would more than double the effort of an already very lengthy task.

I trust that this commentary will add to the value of your BibleWorks library.

Please report any errors to the e-mail address below.

Soli Deo Gloria.

Willem Swanepoel

I have uploaded the revised files to the BibleWorks blog for download. If you have already downloaded the earlier version of Calvin’s Old Testament commentary, then be sure to check the forum discussion of the module for information on how to update your files. An alternative would be to delete the old files and replace them with the files linked below.

Many thanks to Willem & Attie.


DOWNLOAD Calvin’s Old Testament Commentary
DOWNLOAD Calvin’s complete commentary on the OT, NT and Apocrypha

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