Smyth, Greek Grammar

Written by Michael Hanel on June 9th, 2007

In what is the first of a few updates, I am happy to release the first edition of Smyth’s Greek Grammar. This is a pretty monumental release because of the size and quality of the work. For a long time, this work has only been available digitally as a PDF on Textkit’s website or on Perseus, but the dependability of Perseus has been more questionable as of late, which makes that version less useful. I saw long ago that George Somsel began a project to digitalize Smyth on CCEL, but it seems like that has long since stopped. I have grabbed his first couple of pages since I did not have these in my HTML version. I also included at the end an index for Smyth to various works which are found within the text. This is a valuable list, but I have not yet got around to making the links work for it. Kudos to the Greek Geek for those references.

So what works and what doesn’t in this release?
You can use this to let me know yourself what is or isn’t working, but here are some of the things I know of:

  • Most of the links should work that do not contain letters in them. So a link that says “cross 832″ should work, but link “823 a” probably doesn’t. The fix is fairly simple, i just need to add a “_” to the links (and finish adding anchors where they do not exist)

  • Page numbers have anchors and they are the primary means for getting around on the left-hand pane. (But I only have the table of contents for Part One and Part Three up)

  • Part Two on Inflection and especially Part Four on Syntax will be slow to load because they are very large HTML files. In the future I will try to chop up these files into smaller bites so they load faster.

  • I have not read the entire text so I don’t know if there are any major typos or text issues. There are bound to be some since the file is large.

If you notice anything else you can let me know. As of right now though the problem isn’t that I haven’t found the mistakes, it’s that I haven’t had the time to fix them. So if you want to help out cleaning up any of the files, please let me know! Meanwhile, enjoy what does work about these files.


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