Update: Goodwin’s Grammar

Written by Michael Hanel on May 31st, 2007

New to Goodwin’s Greek Grammar is added functionality to make it more useful as a reference text.

Now when you have it loaded in BibleWorks it will offer links in the Resource Summary Window based on over 20 syntactical categories like the cases, moods, pronouns which will instantly jump you to the relevant portions of Goodwin’s Grammar.

Take a look for instance at John 16:1. When I mouse over the word ὑμῖν, Goodwin now provides instant links to the following syntactic categories which pertain to this word: Pronouns, Personal Pronouns, and Dative Case.

Then clicking on one of these will automatically load the Goodwin Grammar to the appropriate spot. Neat huh?

To get this feature you could redownload the entire Goodwin grammar, but that isn’t especially recommended since it’s over 20MB. Instead, just download this short goodwingr.chd, save it in your subdirectory of BibleWorks called “databases” (overwriting the old file), restart BibleWorks and you will have the new special features.

DOWNLOAD entire Grammar!

DOWNLOAD goodwingr.chd!

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