BibleWorks 9 - The Verse Tab

Written by Michael Hanel on July 6th, 2011

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In passing I’ve mentioned the new Verse Tab a couple of times, but I want to put it in the spotlight by itself for this post. The Verse Tab is a new way to view content found in BibleWorks 9 which previously you could only access through loading the HTML module, by checking out the verse references in the Resources Tab or looking at the Analysis Window for verse notes. Now you can use the Verse Tab to access the following resources:┬áthe CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus, the NET Bible notes, the ESV Study Bible, the Tischendorf Critical Apparatus, and Metzger’s Textual Commentary.**

You can only view one of these resources at a time in the Verse Tab, but when one of them is selected, you will be able to read the relevant material in each resource that is based on the active verse in the Browse Window.

If you use the Fourth Column to have an active Notes or Editor Tab open, it’s now easier than ever to copy notes from a resource like the ESV Study Bible into your own electronic notes, no new windows or alt-tabbing necessary!

**Yesterday a user asked,

[can I] use some resources that I own from Wordsearch in the verse tab, for example, some commentaries, dictionaries and the HCSB Study Bible?

I asked this question to the programmers. Although currently the resources listed above are the only ones that work in the Verse Tab, the programmers did say that making the ability to add more resources to the Verse Tab was on their list of things to do, but the priorities of that list get shaped by what user feedback is like after the release. So my suggestion is that if this is something you really want, send kind-hearted messages to their suggestion box. However, keep this in mind: in order for resources to work in the Verse Tab, it is a two way street: the resource itself must be programmed for it and BW9 must be programmed to accept it. In other words, even if BW9 opens the Verse Tab for more resources, it would still be up to WORDsearch to adapt their commentaries so that they fit the BibleWorks requirements. So you may want to be in touch with WORDsearch about this too.

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