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Written by Michael Hanel on July 5th, 2011

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Although it’s not included in the base package, for $20 you can unlock the ESV Study Bible for BibleWorks 9. Like with The New Moody Bible Atlas, I won’t comment on the merits of the Study Bible itself (you can google for reviews). You can see a brief video of it in action on YouTube, but on the blog I’ll briefly talk about its implementation in BibleWorks.

There are three different ways to access the ESV Study Bible in BibleWorks 9.

The first is through the new Verse Tab, the second is through the more typical HTML module, and the third is through the Resources Tab.

In the Verse Tab it is now easier than ever to follow along in a commentary with your normal Browse Window. Here’s a peek.

The Verse Tab will automatically track with the Browse Window verse-by-verse, book-by-book. Using the Previous and Next links, you can also navigate in the ESV Study Bible independently of the Browse Window, but if you want to do a lot of this, it’s best to press the Expand button in the Verse Window and open up the HTML version like so.

In the picture above I’ve placed arrows by some of the different ways of navigation that are included in this module. I must say compared to some of the free user modules I’ve distributed here, the ways of navigation that are included in the ESV Study Bible are pretty slick.

Just like with The New Moody Bible Atlas, BibleWorks 9 includes very high-resolution images, maps and illustrations and the module includes an index of them. Below is an example of one image at only 50% of full resolution.

The final way that you can access the ESV Study Bible is through the Resources Tab, where you will find that you can quickly jump to a verse that is cited in the ESV Study Bible by simply clicking on the reference in the Resources Tab.

Since the BibleWorks main package already includes the Bible version ESV, BibleWorks worked out a deal so that the Study Bible is only a $20 upgrade (the hardcover version retails for $50 (though you can find it cheaper online). At that price, the ESV Study Bible is a steal of an upgrade!

Note that because it uses new features only available in BibleWorks 9, it is not available in BibleWorks 8.

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