Vocab Module: LXX Vocabulary

Written by Michael Hanel on May 26th, 2007

BibleWorks user Jackson Atkins submitted a vocabulary file for the BibleWorks Vocabulary Module which contains words used in the LXX 100+ times but that do not occur in the New Testament 10+ times (a pool which includes 89 words). The frequency numbers and definitions were made from the LEH Septuagint lexicon and proper names were omitted.

Jackson writes: I hope this vocab file will help people to explore and use the LXX more in their studies and ministries. I am currently working on an extended vocab file that includes all the words that are in the LXX 100+ times but not in the NT 25+ times (241 words). However, I have no idea when I will complete this file.

Copy file to \init\ subdirectory of BibleWorks7
Load the Vocabulary Module in BibleWorks
File: Import: and open lxxvocab100.vrt

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