New Module - An Elementary Latin Dictionary, Charlton Lewis

Written by Michael Hanel on May 25th, 2007

A few blog entries ago I hinted that there would be some new fun tools for Latinists in BibleWorks. Well here is the first, a real treat for Latinists/Classicists: the release of a high class Latin lexicon for use in BibleWorks!

This lexicon is built as HTML module which means that it can be used as a stand-alone, outside of BibleWorks. Initially, it loads a little slowly because it is such a large database, but once you begin using it, it navigates very quickly and is quite responsive. In some ways it can be quicker to use this lexicon than the paper kind!

In BibleWorks, you can load the file via the Resources menu, and within that under Latin Resources.

While BibleWorks currently does not yet have lemmatized Latin databases and I have also not yet released any lemmatized Latin databases (although hopefully someday…), the current functionality of the lexicon is a bit limited. However, if you stick around for a few more blog posts, I’ll show you how, with the availability of a lemmatized Latin database, the functionality of this lexicon will be virtually seamless!

(once again, thank Pasquale (who is now my favorite Italian, my regrets to the Pope, but he’s not really Italian anyway and as a Lutheran, my papal respect can only go so far anyway….) for his amazing work which makes resources like this freely available to others.)


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