BibleWorks 9 - Manuscripts Project V

Written by Michael Hanel on July 1st, 2011

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In this part of the preview of the BibleWorks Manuscripts Project I wanted to try to demonstrate what it can look like to see the transcribed manuscripts really working in the Browse Window in BibleWorks 9. Unfortunately there is so much to show, I found it impossible to get it in one picture, so you’ll have to bear with me.

The first image is heavily annotated, the others less so. What I’m trying to show, however, is that because these Greek manuscripts have been transcribed, you can see and use them in the Browse Window just like you can with other Bible versions. Right now only Codex Sinaiticus (M-01) is completely morphologically tagged. The other versions still work in the Browse Window, they just don’t have morphology capabilities. Those will be updated (free of charge) as they are ready.

This is the same scene as above, but I’ve cut out versions and applied automatic difference highlighting. I also show you M-01 is morphologically tagged.

A closer view of the collation window, with the handy abbreviation pop up. Notice I’ve added a few versions to the collation window (you can add or remove as many Greek manuscripts as you want).

From the collation window you can also export the collation if you want it for a paper or something, but the table can get a bit unwieldy if you’re working with a really long verse because it is laid out horizontally. The collation window has buttons to advance or go backwards by verse, but for easy use the entire MSS tab also automatically updates as you change verses in the Browse Window.

As you can see, beside the work that it took to transcribe the texts in the first place, BibleWorks’ programmers have made sure there is plenty that you can do with the manuscripts once they’re in BibleWorks 9!

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