New Module - Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar

Written by Michael Hanel on May 15th, 2007

Just hours after a user on the BibleWorks user forums wondered if it would be possible to convert J. Martin Plumley’s Introductory Coptic Grammar from HTML to a BibleWorks user-module, Pasquale showed that it could be done and came through with such speed that it makes me look like a turtle. I still have like ten other things I’m trying to do, but haven’t finished and before I could even look at the files, he finished compiling and converting it. So now you are the beneficiaries!

The zip file contains the grammar itself and fonts. The fonts need to be installed to Windows (by moving them to the \fonts\ directory of Windows. The grammar files can be placed in the \databases\ subdirectory of BibleWorks 7.


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