User-database: Horace’s Works (Latin x2 and English)

Written by Michael Hanel on May 10th, 2007

Well it’s been a quiet time lately, but both of your hosts have successfully completed major portions of their Master’s degree programs. In addition to that, I have been very busy attempting to put together some major projects for BibleWorks users. Trust me, you’ll love ‘em!

But meanwhile, I was able to complete a first edition of Horace’s works in two Latin versions and one English translation! The difficulty with finding English translations for poetical works is that line breaks never agree with the Latin line breaks which makes it impossible to line up texts without lots of work. But then again it takes a lot of work to translate the Latin into English in the same number of lines and still maintain a good poetic feel to the text.

In any event, Horace is a great poet who lived during the time of the great transition from Caesar of the name Julius to Caesar of the name Augustus. If you need some more basic material you can start at Google or perhaps Wikipedia.

DOWNLOAD Latin, Latin version 2, English!

Look for some more hints on how to use Latin in BibleWorks in the coming days!

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