Update: Wycliffe translation of the Vulgate

Written by Michael Hanel on April 25th, 2007

Bob Venem has finished an update of the Wycliffe Middle English translation of the Vulgate. He fixed the verse-mapping so that it will work smoother in the Browse Window and hopefully line up properly with other verses.

He provides the following notes with this release:

  1. WYC contains the exact number of verses as the VUL, minus the Apocrypha.
  2. The WYC.vmf (this is the verse mapping file) is the VUL.vmf file minus the Apocrypha references.
  3. While the verses are aligned, the text used for WYC (from the Wesleyan Study Center) has some peculiar verse divisions compared to the VUL (or the KJV, for that matter). Not having a copy of Wycliffe available to see the original divisions (or if there even are divisions), and not knowing the reasoning used by those who created the Wyclif text files stored at the Wesleyan Study Center, I have left these peculiar divisions intact. If they
    prove bothersome, I can re-edit the file to match the Vulgate, but that will take a fair amount of time, so I am in no rush.

DOWNLOAD! [This file has been withdrawn]

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