BibleWorks 9 - Manuscripts Project II

Written by Michael Hanel on June 29th, 2011

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Michael Bushell, the owner of BibleWorks, dropped in on the BibleWorks forums to add his two cents about the why of the BibleWorks Manuscripts Project. If you read his words you’ll understand where the heart of this company lies and why I’m such a big fan.

I get all warm and fuzzy inside when I see these old manuscripts. All of them were at one time treasured possessions of churches and groups of churches, way before the printing press was even envisioned. It was the God-driven love that former believers had for these precious texts that has preserved them for us. They are worth preserving and appreciating in their own right, quite apart from text-critical issues. We had to move in this direction because it was clear that we would probably never be able to offer the “standard” apparatus to our users, and there was a genuine need to fill, but the deeper hope was that having them would deepen appreciation of our users for what a precious treasure the Word of God is.

Mike is right that this is just the beginning. You can pray for us. The cost of developing these texts is astronomical, especially for a small company, and especially given the fact that we don’f feel right about charging extra for them. If we charged what they are worth only a small handful of people could afford to buy them (we should be charging $200 for each manuscript), and then the purpose of the project would have been lost. Pray also for the CNTTS project. This is a wonderful work that complements what we are trying to do. It was kind of them to agree to keep royalties low enough that we could put the CNTTS material in the base package. If you ever have the opportunity to thank them, please do so. Pray for the CSNTM project as well. There is a lot going on in this area. It remains to be seen how well our work will be received. The textual criticism community is a tough lot! But we have tried to be careful and always remember that we are handling the Word of God!

God bless,
Mike Bushell

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