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Written by Michael Hanel on June 29th, 2011

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As I hinted when I mentioned the fourth column, the Use Tab is another addition to BibleWorks 9 that really shines especially when used with the fourth column.

The Use Tab is a new tab which automatically (as in instantaneously, no wait necessary, don’t blink or you’ll miss it) updates to show you every use of whatever word you have your mouse over in the Browse Window – in other words, it functions much like a concordance. It is the speed of BibleWorks that you’ve always known put to a new use. It can be toggled to show every use of the word in the book or in the version. So if you are looking at the ESV’s John 3:16, and put your mouse over “loved” the Use Tab automatically lists all instances of “loved” in either the book of John or in the entire ESV (depending on which option you’ve selected). While that’s cool enough, the real power comes with the tagged Greek and Hebrew texts. With them, the Use Tab can be toggled so that it will either show all the uses of the lemma or the form. So for instance if I am looking at the BGT text of Romans 7:14 and put my mouse over the word ἁμαρτίαν, the Use Tab will either show all the uses of that exact form in all of Romans (or the entire BGT) -or- all the uses of the lemma ἁμαρτία regardless of form. So for instance, here’s a picture of it when I’ve chosen to view the lemma in Romans.

If I brush my mouse across other words in the Browse Window the Use Tab automatically re-populates with the new word. But now for fourth column magic. You can also tell the Use Tab to automatically sync with the Stats Tab so that before you can even think you can see how a particular word is used throughout an entire book or version and see that graphically represented before your eyes. The image below is the same example from Romans, but this time I’ve selected the uses throughout the whole version and as you can see the Stats Tab graphs those occurrences.

Best Friends for Life
Best Friends for Life

If all you want to know is where else the word was, you don’t have to waste any time on a command line search. The Use Tab is simple, lightning fast, almost magical. You’ll come to try it out, your jaw will hit the floor when you see that all this is instantaneous.

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