BibleWorks 9…it’s for real

Written by Michael Hanel on July 11th, 2011

Shipping began Monday, July 11!!

It’s NOW available!

Read about some of the new features here.**

Or visit the official BibleWorks website and see this PDF brochure.

The BibleWorks Manuscripts Project:

The CNTTS Textual Apparatus
The Analysis Tabs (overview)

The New Moody Bible Atlas

Latin Vulgate + Whitaker’s Words

Systematic Theologies: Bavinck and Grudem

Training Videos Galore


Is Textual Criticism for the Specialist Only?

Other reviews:

** As a beta-tester for BibleWorks 9 I have advance access to the program. For disclosure purposes, I received a complimentary copy of BibleWorks 9 for being part of the beta-testing program. Reviews of and blogging about the program, however, were not required in order to be a beta-tester. These are of my own doing and all editorializing remarks are my own opinion.

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