New Module - Pearse, Additional Early Church Fathers

Written by Michael Hanel on June 27th, 2011

For those who own BibleWorks 8, you may have noticed that it includes the massive Ante-Nicene and Nicene and Post-Nicene Church Fathers set edited by Schaff. This set includes a huge number of writings in English by many of the early Church Fathers going back as far as the Apostolic Fathers 1st and 2nd centuries AD) to Gregory the Great (6th century AD).

What you may not have known was that as large as that series of writings is, it is is only a small part of what was written by the Church Fathers and during others who lived within that time period. Thanks to the phenomenal labor set forth by Roger Pearse (blog), a large number of these “other” writings has been published online. Roger has a passion for making old texts available that have long since been in the public domain. Much through his own expense he has not only typed in texts, but has also commissioned translations of foreign language texts into English all so that more people would have free access to these ancient riches. As part of this passion, he encourages others to freely use the fruit of his labor and redistribute it in other places. Therefore when I asked him if I could put it in a module for BibleWorks users he was delighted.

When you’ve installed the Additional Early Church Fathers, you will be able to access them via the menu system under Resources | Backgrounds | Pearse, Additional Early Church Fathers

So without further ado, I present:

the Additional Early Church Fathers texts as compiled by Roger Pearse (DOWNLOAD — 28 MB)

In order to get modules to work, be sure to do the following:
Step 1. Download the file as found on this page.
Step 2. Unzip the file into your “databases” subfolder of BibleWorks
Step 3. Right click on the CHM file (it’ll look like all other HTML help icons), go to Properties and make sure the box for Block is unchecked.
Step 4. Start up BibleWorks and the module is available either through the Menu system (under Resources) or in the Analysis tabs.
Font Help:
Because some of the files included here are older, Roger did not necessarily use Unicode rendering in all places. Therefore, you may find it helpful to download some of the extra fonts that he used in order to read these writings properly. The link to download the fonts is here. You can see this website for help on how to install fonts.
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