WORDsearch and BibleWorks Q&A

Written by Michael Hanel on February 1st, 2011

If you were like me you probably had some questions about the new WORDsearch modules for BibleWorks. Hopefully I answered a few of your questions in the basic review of the products, but I wanted to also open up the floor to more general questions. I have started a list of questions I came up with on my own, but if you have questions of your own, you can pose them here. I will either attempt to answer them myself or try to get answers from either BibleWorks or WORDsearch (depending on what the question asked is). Questions 1-3 are presented with answers officially vetted by WORDsearch.

Question #1. How will I upgrade these texts if there are ever any upgrades to them?

Answer #1. Since these files are produced by WORDsearch, you won’t be able to upgrade them via the BibleWorks updater.  You can find out if there are upgrades available for your books by going to:


If you see that an upgrade is available, you can re-download the updated books by logging in to wordsearchbible.com and choosing “Unlock and Download eBooks” to get an unlock code.  Then run the WORDsearch Book Unlocker for BibleWorks, enter the unlock code, and check off the books you want to re-download.

Also, WORDsearch will maintain an opt-in email list to which they will send news about BibleWorks books that are newly available or have been updated.

Q2a. If I buy a product on the WORDsearch for BibleWorks page, can I use that product in BibleWorks as well as WORDsearch?

A2a. Yes.  You only need to purchase the books once to use them in both programs.  Since the underlying formats for BibleWorks and WORDsearch are different, a separate installation process is needed for each, however.

Q2b. If I’ve already purchased one of these shared products for WORDsearch, can I use it in BibleWorks or do I have to re-purchase it?

A2b. You can use it in BibleWorks at no additional charge.  Not all the books in the WORDsearch library will be available, although they will be adding them as quickly as possible, especially if they are requested by customers (by emailing bookrequests@wordsearchbible.com).  Instructions for unlocking your books in BibleWorks can be found here: http://www.wordsearchbible.com/bibleworks/

Q3. What if I find errors in the WORDsearch texts or have problems using these, whom should I contact?

A3. Any errors found in the WORDsearch texts should be reported to WORDsearch, since they are the creators and editors of those files.  You can email WORDsearch’s eBook Development Manager, LaRosa Johnson, directly.  If you have problems downloading the files or getting the files to work, you should still be contacting WORDsearch.  If, however, your problems are more related to the BibleWorks program itself, contact BibleWorks technical support.

Q4. Does this new project mean that either WORDsearch or BibleWorks is going to go away?

A4. No. Both companies are independently owned and operated. This is not a merger. It is, however, a point of cooperation. WORDsearch had already created these e-texts and secured licenses with the respective publishing companies for their program and they were able to change the formatting of these e-texts into a form that worked in BibleWorks.  This means that BibleWorks now will be able to use many more resources, but they didn’t have to devote extra time to re-inventing the wheel (i.e. re-digitizing these e-texts, securing new licenses, etc.). On the plus side for WORDsearch, they get access to new BibleWorks users who are purchasing products from them even if they’re not using the WORDsearch engine. It’s a type of cooperation that is very commendable and win-win for both companies and consumers (in the view of this reviewer).

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