WORDsearch + BibleWorks?

Written by Michael Hanel on January 20th, 2011

A little while ago on the BibleWorks forums, someone posted a link to a site on WORDsearch that hinted about a new relationship between these two companies which would mean that some of the materials that WORDsearch made would now be available within BibleWorks. Mark Hoffman subsequently posted the same notice on his blog.

Since no one seemed to know anything more about this new project and since I was curious as to how the WORDsearch files would be incorporated into BibleWorks I asked and was granted review copies of a few of the titles by WORDsearch’s Derek Kurth. Even though their webpage is up that tells about the WORDsearch files for BibleWorks, WORDsearch has yet to “officially” release this material.** However when they do, you’ll be able to see one of the first previews here as we give an honest and critical review of this latest venture.

So stay tuned….

** There are only a few of WORDsearch’s many resources that currently will work in BibleWorks. There is a general promise that more resources will be released later, but no guarantee of what resources when. Although they do request feedback:

If there is a title you would like to have on your BibleWorks program, and it’s not listed below, click here to let us know. We’ll use your input to prioritize which books we do next, and let you know by email when it’s ready.

**cough** volumes from NICOT/NT **cough**

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