BibleWorks Training Session Video

Written by Michael Hanel on November 7th, 2010

Maybe you’ve never been to a BibleWorks training workshop, but now you can get a taste for what you might learn at one since a video has been posted of one of the sessions given at Luther Seminary this past September.  The session goes from basic information to more advanced materials. It might be a good refresher for those of you who think you have it all down pat.

If you like hearing about things like this, I suggest you become a Facebook fan of BibleWorks (I think that link will work. Otherwise just do a search in Facebook for “BibleWorks”). Generally they post things that might be of interest to BibleWorks users, sometimes relating to the program itself, but other times to Biblical studies more generally (like this link to purchase personal copies of the Dead Sea Scrolls for only $60,000). Overall they’re light on advertising or pushing products at your wallet, which I find to be a nice change of pace.

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