The Hebrew Massorah

Written by Michael Hanel on July 19th, 2006

This is a note especially for those Hebrew guys out there:

I know many of the Hebrew specialists out there have been feeling down that there are not as many Hebrew resources as they would like. Well if that’s you, this might be something you can help out with. Part of the way users can help each other out is through creating user add-on modules. I have been spending hundreds of hours the past few years producing Greek-related user modules because that’s my primary interest. Others have done work which preceded my own and they helped create the first Apostolic Fathers module (in Greek and translation) before any other Bible program had even touched this.

In the past many of these projects have been headed by one or two people, but there are some projects out there that require many more hands to make them possible. This is the project I am introducing now.

Is there any support for a creation of Ginsburg’s Massorah into a BibleWorks module? This would be a project that would take as many volunteers as possible in order to divide the workload (which would be rather impossible for one person). There are online PDF versions of the Ginsburg Massorah. The project would be to turn the PDFs into text files which would then be compiled into an user add-on module. If it were done in this form, all the information contained in the Massorah would be provided via the Resource Summary like any of the other Grammars or Lexicons (meaning verse references would work, etc.). This would be a massive project, but with a group of volunteers, it would be possible.

Right now I am looking for feedback. Are there any of you Hebrew students out there who would be interested in making this happen? If there’s not enough interest, it won’t get done. Leave a note on the forums and let’s see if we can’t make this happen.

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