New Modules - Nadal’s Gospel Illustrations and Doré Bible Gallery

Written by Michael Hanel on April 3rd, 2007

Two new unique additions to the BibleWorks 7 free user add-on modules involve illustrations of the Gospel stories. They are interesting because of their antiquity (although some would say a few hundred years wouldn’t quite qualify as antiquity), and also because they show that just as a written commentary can be an interpreter of the Bible, so also pictures and all forms of art can also interpret the Bible and arguably reach even more people. A picture is worth a thousand words, well then these additions should equal a few sizable tomes.

Jerome Nadal’s Evangelicae Historiae Imagines (”Illustrations of the Gospel Stories”) date from 1593-1595. This is a collection of 153 engravings meant for use in prayer and meditation of the Gospel stories. Nadal is a historical figure some may not be familiar with but he was one of the ten founding members of the Society of Jesus (or the Jesuits). The pictures are tagged to the Bible verses which they are depicting and each picture is scene which is explained by Latin captioning below. While it’s always nice to know what the Latin is saying, if you are reading along with the English (or your preferred language), you’ll probably be able to figure out what the Latin is saying since these pictures are a visual interpretation of the narrative of the text. If you are interesting in learning more about it, see this website.

The Doré Bible Gallery is another module which covers a number of different scenes in the Bible. These date from the 1860’s. While the author of the pictures may be less famous, no doubt you will recognize a few of these pictures because they are widely used or imitated. For more on the Doré Bible Gallery, see this website.

DOWNLOAD Nadal’s Gospel Illustrations! 25 MB

DOWNLOAD Doré Bible Gallery! 43 MB

(By the way, lest you think my hand was responsible for these great modules, both of them were put together by Pasquale Amicarelli. Our continued thanks to him for putting together these files and sharing them with us!)

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