Customer service, upgrades and backwards functionality?

Written by jdarlack on February 17th, 2007

I’m hesitant to even post anonymous comments, but I could not let this comment go unanswered. Regarding the ability to create custom CHM modules in BW7, “Anonymous” said:

I know that this is not a Bibleworks forum but I find this very disappointing that previous versions of Bibleworks do not support these modules. I bought BW6 only a couple of months before BW7 came out so that probably only adds to my disappointment.

I understand your frustration not having the added functionality of v.7, but please consider the following:

  1. The upgrade is well worth the price (even if you paid for v. 6 a few months earlier). To get the same texts, resources and added functionality that you get in the upgrade in any other Bible software, you would have to pay far and above the $150 upgrade (See this BW Forum post.)
  2. BibleWorks does their best to help users in your situation. In fact they offer a 30 day trial period with a money-back guarantee. They also allowed users who had purchased v.6 right before purchasing v.7 to recieve a substantial discount. (See this BW Forum thread.)
  3. It is unrealistic to expect ANY software company to make new features of new versions automatically a part of older versions. If companies did so, there would be no reason to purchase the upgrade; they would not recieve new revenue for the purchase of the new versions, and eventually the software company would fold.
  4. Again and again BibleWorks has released free updates (including added texts and functionality that would be worthy of holding for a new-version). For instance, they have added Robertson’s Greek Grammar free of charge to users of v.7. You would have to pay extra for this anywhere else.

Overall I have never been disappointed with BibleWorks’ customer service. BibleWorks has done their absolute best to pack the most important original language resources into a program that is underpriced even at full price.

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