Keyboard Map for BWGrkl font

Written by Michael Hanel on June 19th, 2010

Although Unicode is/was supposed to be the promised land for ease and functionality of Greek and Hebrew fonts, there are still a good number of users who continue to use the Greek and Hebrew fonts that BibleWorks uses natively. But even if you don’t use them for typing for your own uses, one still needs to be familiar with the BibleWorks font mapping in order to use them inside BibleWorks. Within BibleWorks there is a font map (found under Tools|Interface/settings|BibleWorks keyboard), but if you wish to print off the font map or use the font outside of BibleWorks, it may be a bit more difficult to figure out which key you need to type.

In order to provide assistance in this area, Sarah R. Madden (a BibleWorks user and soon to be MA grad from Capital Bible Seminary) put together a font map that can be printed out and consulted.

The file is available in both PDF and DOC formats. Thanks, Sarah!

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