New Module - Book of Concord (Bente, Triglotta ed.)

Written by Michael Hanel on February 15th, 2007

More fun for Lutherans out there. I finally finished cleaning up an edition of Bente’s Book of Concord, a public domain text which is available at the Book of Concord website. Of course this edition is spruced up a little bit more, with the most useful part for BibleWorks users being the fact that the Book of Concord Scripture references will now link up in BibleWorks in the Resource Summary Window.

There are a few spotty places where the links don’t work completely (a large number of them come at the end of the Small Catechism), because the links are for entire chapters rather than specific verses. I may get these cleaned up in the future, but it’s not a really high priority on my list right now because of other things I have going. The files are certainly available for others to edit, correct and tweak.

If there is anyone ambitious enough to make more Concord-related files out there available, let me know. I’m currently working on a lectionary commentary project, but if anyone knows if there would be any copyright issues with making a module out of Bul’s Notes, let me know. I’d love to add that to the bunch.


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