New Module - Kretzmann’s Popular Commentary

Written by Michael Hanel on February 8th, 2007

While this may be of more excitement to Lutherans out there, it still is a major addition for all BibleWorks users. I have finally completed the finishing touches on Paul Kretzmann’s famous Popular Commentary series so that it now works in and with BibleWorks in the Resource Summary window or stand-alone as an HTML Help file.

The text is all from the Kretzmann Project and my thanks go to them for making this resource available to online users.

This compilation is available as per their provisions: We do claim the copyright on the electronic edition, but only to assure that it is not tampered with. We give full permission to replicate and distribute the text in any form whatsoever, printed or electronic, so long as the content itself is not altered, other than to correct scanning errors, fix formatting, change fonts, etc.

No content has been altered except what was necessary to adapt it for use in HTML Help and BibleWorks.


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