BibleWorks Modules in Mac

Written by Michael Hanel on December 9th, 2009

A call for help to other BibleWorks users:

On our modules page, Mark Hoffman asks,

I’m using a Win machine, but I have students with Macs running BW8 under emulation. When they can’t get the modules to work, I’m clueless.
Can someone please give some Mac-specific step-by-step directions for adding modules? Thanks.

I also run BibleWorks on a Windows machine, so I can’t provide much guidance, but does anyone else who runs BibleWorks via Mac emulators have any experience with this issue?

Questions of clarification to Mark: (A) Do any modules work (including the base ones in BibleWorks) or is this just the ones students download here that don’t work? (B) What combination of Windows version and emulator are the students using?


1. Ben is using Windows XP in Parallels (and has used versions 3-5). He says he does nothing different than one would normally do on a Windows computer and everything works fine.

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