BibleWorks 8 Sale

Written by Michael Hanel on November 6th, 2009

Whether or not you think BibleWorks is the best Bible software program out there (and I happen to think it is), you cannot deny that for what you get, BibleWorks prices are the lowest — so low, they’re almost anti-competitive. You can spend $300 in other Bible programs but you will either (1) get fewer resources or (2) get more resources (known as filler), but fewer of the elite ones.

So what’s the only way you can get more value for the dollar in the Bible software world than you can from BibleWorks? A BibleWorks sale! Frankly this is a rare occurrence because BibleWorks doesn’t inflate prices. Other companies offer sales, BibleWorks offers crazy low prices every day.

But to prove even me wrong, there is a limited time sale currently going from BibleWorks. Here are the details:

Do you have any friends who might be interested in obtaining BibleWorks? If so, could you please help us out and forward this special offer to them?

For the next ten days we’re offering a special sale for new customers. If they purchase BibleWorks 8 and at least one module through our webstore using the coupon code TENFRIEND, we’ll take $30 off their purchase.

If you can think of someone who might want to know about this sale, we’d appreciate it if you would pass on the news!

Note- this sale began Nov 3, so that means you have just over a week to get your act together for this great deal!

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