New Version - Sistine Vulgate (1590)

Written by Michael Hanel on October 22nd, 2009

The latest in a long string of releases which have been focused on the Latin Vulgate is now at the virtual presses. With much thanks to Pasquale Amicarelli, you can now add the Sistine Vulgate to BibleWorks.

The Sistine Vulgate was first published in 1590 as a response to the Council of Trent’s commission to standardize the vulgate text which hitherto had become quite a mess. This was all happening at the same* time as Luther and Tyndale among others were making valiant efforts to put the Bible into the actual language of the people (whether it be German, English, etc.) rather than a language which was no longer the language common folk had knowledge of.

The Sistine Vulgate was further revised to the Clementine Vulgate, which was revised a couple of times, but remained the standard Bible in the Roman Catholic Church until Vatican II. In other words, this translation plays an important role not only in Reformation history, but also in studies of the theology of the Roman Catholic Church as a whole.

DOWNLOAD! (unzip files directly into \databases\ subdirectory of BibleWorks and the version VUS will appear on start-up of BibleWorks)

* “same” meaning, of course, same general time, as in, you know, within a hundred or so years :)

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