New Version - Pirke Aboth

Written by Michael Hanel on August 5th, 2009

BibleWorks 8 already contains an older translation of Pirke Aboth in the OTP (Charles Pseudepigrapha) version. Jay “I’m not done until I have finished compiling all of Judaic literature into BibleWorks” Palmer also put together a version of the Pirke Aboth quite a while ago for non-BibleWorks 8 users, first posted here.

Now, however, Jay has put together a new version of the Pirke Aboth with both English (PIR) and unpointed Hebrew (PAH) provided. Now if you have open the OTP, PIR and PAH in the Browse Window, you can see all versions at once.

The English text is that of Joseph I. Gorfinkle. Along with the English translation come copious notes, making this release a major step up for those who are interested in Jewish works beyond the Hebrew Bible.


DOWNLOAD! - Unzip files in \databases\ subfolder of BibleWorks

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