Perseus under PhiloLogic Part Tres

Written by Michael Hanel on July 7th, 2009

In the absence of seeing anyone else comment on this, I figured I might as well put my paddle in the water. I’ve previously mentioned that the Perseus databases are also available in a different form via the Perseus under PhiloLogic website. As much as the Perseus website has improved over the years, I still find I use the PhiloLogic version quite a bit because of its quickness and ability to do searches more efficiently. The PhiloLogic website notes that the site is in its “beta” version which debuted in Spring 2008. Previous to that it was in an “alpha” version. If there was a version before that I can’t recall.

In any case, I see that a transition to the “gamma” version, referred to as the “Greek morphology release” is now available at a different web address. I am not sure if there will be a point in time at which the beta version will disappear and this will take its place or what, but I’m guessing that if you’ve used the old PhiloLogic website, you’ll want to update your links to this newer version in the meanwhile.

From the website, here are the main improvements:

  • Newly added: You can now search for lemmas (e.g., lemma:λέγω) and morphological characteristics (see below for details). Help us make the morphological analysis better by voting on the correct parses (a click will bring up the morphology window) and reporting problems.
  • At popular request, we have moved translations to separate browser windows.

In the past I have been a fan of PhiloLogic’s website. This improved version should be even better, but for now consider this less a raving review than an FYI. Take a look around their website and see whether you think this is a step forward.

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