User-database: Homer-Hesiod completed!!

Written by Michael Hanel on December 22nd, 2006

Someone must have been really good this year because Christmas is striking early and often. My new hero in life, John Jackson, just completed his ginormous endeavor to tag and lemmatize the entire Homeric/Hesiodic corpus and because he is such a gracious individual he allows me to import this material into BibleWorks. Who’s the real winner? We all are! By all means, drop John a note to tell him how awesome he is!

So without further ado. Update your files, because John Jackson has finished and this latest database (HHJ and HJM) includes the Shield of Heracles and all of the Homeric Hymns, lemmatized, tagged and everything. Wow.

The Hesiodic material is based on the Evelyn-White edition, which can be found online via Google.


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