New Version - Codex Bobbiensis

Written by Michael Hanel on June 30th, 2009

Another new version has been added to the Vetus Latina series (See also here and here). This time Pasquale has finished compiling the Codex Bobbiensis (also known as manuscript k in textual criticism circles). For more on other Vetus Latina manuscripts, you can start at the table in this Wikipedia entry. Codex Bobbiensis is from around the fifth century AD and is a partial manuscript. It contains Mark 8:8-end and Matthew 1:1-15:36 in that order (i.e. not the Matthew, then Mark order many are used to). Although the manuscript comes from North Africa, it was later brought to a monastery in a city called Bobbio, hence the name of the manuscript. For more information, check out Wikipedia, Bible Research or Bing away.

DOWNLOAD (Unzip files directly into \databases\ subfolder. Upon restarting BibleWorks the new version, VLK, will be available.)

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