Updates to BibleWorks 8

Written by Michael Hanel on May 11th, 2009

Whether you’re a current user of BibleWorks 8 or still someone sitting on the sidelines, you might have missed a number of really significant improvements that have been made to the program since it was initially released. These updates are all available through the program’s auto-update feature, but sometimes people don’t pay attention to that. For the record, I wanted to ever so briefly highlight the two most significant updates thus far.

The first has to do with the Phrase Matching Tool (PMT) and Related Verses Tool (RVT). In the initial BW8 release, both of these tools could only be used well for the Biblical texts. With recent improvements, it is now really easy to search across all language versions. What this means in practice is that one can use either of these tools on a corpus like the Apostolic Fathers to see if there are any related verses or phrases that match not simply with other verses in the Apostolic Fathers, but also with any verses in the Bible, Josephus, Philo, or any other user version you have in the program. Both of these tools are really powerful, speedy and incredibly insightful and now even more amazing than before. If you haven’t had a chance to play with this new feature update, give it a whirl!

The second excellent update has to do with tabs in BibleWorks 8. When it was initially released, BibleWorks 8 had tabs that worked just like they did in BibleWorks 7. With the latest updates, you can now name your tabs and quickly toggle back and forth from one to the next with various key-strokes (control-tab or control-shift-tab). Now instead of thinking, gee, was it tab #4 I had my Epistle study in or tab #5, you can create a tab and call it “Epistle Study.” This is a big improvement for the user experience and many people have already been really happy about it on the BibleWorks forums.

So those are two of the biggest improvements (in my opinion) which have come since BibleWorks 8’s initial release. None of these updates cost you the user a penny, they are freely offered as part of the privilege of owning a license and working with this company.

(Another major update which will make users happy is also in the works. Responding to some of their users who were a bit disappointed with the navigation of the Early Church Fathers module in BibleWorks 8, the BW8 staffers went back to the code in order to make it better respond to user desires. The result will be a greatly improved package. While the update is not yet available, it is just one more testament to BibleWorks’ continuing commitment to quality products and responding to users’ needs.)

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