New Version - Codex Vercellensis

Written by Michael Hanel on May 11th, 2009

For those interested in textual criticism issues, Pasquale has just released a new version for BibleWorks which contains the text from Codex Vercellensis, the earliest Old Latin manuscript of the Bible extant, dating to about AD 350. (In other words, this is a Latin text version, not English, Greek or anything else.)

This is what the real manuscript looks like. Sorry the text won't be this pretty color in BibleWorks.

If you want to learn more about the significance or history of Codex Vercellensis, check out the Wikipedia article.

Within BibleWorks, where gaps in the manuscript exist, Pasquale wrote the word “lacuna.” It’s not quite the same visual experience as reading a manuscript yourself, but if you do textual criticism, you will find this resource quite valuable.

DOWNLOAD! (Unzip the files in the folder \BibleWorks 8\databases\ (note these files work in older versions of BibleWorks as well)

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