New Module - Bennett’s New Latin Grammar

Written by Michael Hanel on January 23rd, 2009

This year I am teaching intermediate Latin courses and so I’ve had a lot more reason to try to develop more Latin resources for my own use, but I also like to share with others.

Charles Bennett’s little grammar has been around for oh about a hundred years, and it has withstood the test of time. Revised editions of it still are being printed and sell for around $25-30. This isn’t a perfect grammar, but it is a pretty good one and the price is right.

Note this resource is not immediately meant to supplement BibleWorks base package. While it can be used to help you with your Latin while reading the Vulgate, I am using it more toward an eye of its utility in regard to Latin texts I have developed. So this may not be a resource for everyone, but to those interested in keeping up your Latin, I’m trying to make BibleWorks better able to fit that purpose.

P.S. ~ if you’re patient enough, I may release more Latin grammars. If you’re really nice, I may release a version of Cicero’s works (minus this epistles probably) along with English translation. If these types of releases are of interest to you, please post a comment or two. If I actually believe I’m changing the world, I might work faster than I normally do ;) But for now I’m happy enough believing that I’m doing this just for me.

DOWNLOAD ~ Unzip into your \databases\ subfolder. The resouce will be found under “Resources: Latin Grammars” upon restarting BibleWorks.

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