New Module: Improving the ESV by Mark Strauss

Written by jdarlack on January 20th, 2009

Richard Sugg has ‘modulized’ Mark Strauss’s paper read at ETS: “Improving the ESV:  Why the English Standard Version (ESV) Should not become the Standard English Version” (PDF version).

The Unofficial BibleWorks Blog neither endorses nor decries any particular Bible translation (including the ESV). So, please do not take the posting of this module as an endorsement of Dr. Strauss’s views (or these comments as indicating disapproval). The posting of this module is an endorsement of what can be done with BibleWorks as far as user-created modules go. In this paper in particular, Dr. Strauss lists various places where he takes issue with the ESV’s rendering of the Greek/Hebrew. Now Strauss’s comments can be “linked” to the biblical text via BibleWorks’ Resource Summary List. You can also click a link in this CHM version of the paper and be taken directly to the verse in the Browse Window (where you can compare the ESV with other versions - including the TNIV in version 8). ;)

For more on Strauss’s paper see his blog post at Koinonia as well as Bill Mounce’s response. See also Strauss’s paper as posted on the Better Bibles Blog (and the comments thereon).

Thanks, Richard, for putting this together.


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