Version Updates (Tacitus/Sophocles/Book Name file)

Written by Michael Hanel on January 19th, 2009

With the release of BibleWorks 8, there have been new versions incorporated into the main package, such as all the Greek Pseudepigrapha or the Babylonian Talmud. Because of these additions, there has been an overlap of book names between what BibleWorks 8 uses and some of the names adopted in some of the user databases found here. The following updates should fix those problems.

1. This book name file can be saved to your “init” subfolder in the BibleWorks 8 folder. Under the main menu Tools: Options: Bible Versions: Book Names you can tell BibleWorks which book name list to use. By default BibleWorks 8 uses the file “books.bna” Downloading this file called books_2.bna therefore will not write over the original version nor will it work until you tell BibleWorks 8 to use this version of book names by making the change mentioned above. ~~ DOWNLOAD!

2. Because of overlap, changes have been made to the Sophocles-Greek, Tacitus-Latin and Tacitus-English databases. If you have already have these in BibleWorks, it will be necessary to run them through the Version Database Compiler as though you were installing them for the first time in order for this update in book names to work properly.

~~ DOWNLOAD Sophocles-Greek

~~ DOWNLOAD Tacitus-Latin

~~ DOWNLOAD Tacitus-English

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