Things to Love in BibleWorks 8…

Written by Michael Hanel on December 13th, 2008

Well it seems like there has been a lot of interest among users to learn more about the ERMIE or External Resources Manager, a new feature in BibleWorks 8, so I better get on with it already.

Feature number 13 to appreciate is none other than ERMIE…

Here is what the BibleWorks Help file says about ERMIE:

The External Resources Manager (Ermie) is a catalog tool to organize and quickly access resources stored on your computer and on the Internet. Included is a viewer for common types of resources, such as HTML files, PDF documents, and Word documents.

Ermie functions similarly to the bookmark feature in your Internet browser, but it also allows you to organize files located on your computer. You can create multiple Ermie catalog files and change catalog files according to your study needs. You can share Ermie catalog files with other BibleWorks users and import other Ermie catalog files into your own Ermie catalog file.

The default Ermie catalog file contains an organizational scheme and links to academic resources that BibleWorks users may find beneficial. You can add to, delete, and reorganize the folders and links according to your own preferences. (Inclusion of the links to the resources does not imply endorsement of the theology views contained in the resources, only that BibleWorks users may find the resources beneficial for scholarly research.)

Ok, me again. In other words, the thought behind ERMIE is that users need more help to organize materials they’ve been gathering. Here’s what that concept then looks like in practice.

Wow, such good taste in blog viewing!

Wow, such good taste in blog viewing!

So I imagine people will like how ERMIE helps them keep things together. Let’s say you want to start a one place receptacle for all your thoughts about Advent. If you’re like me, you might have some things in a folder on your computer called Advent. But what if you also want to include relevant web links, or what if you have a specific sermon or something you want to put in the Advent folder, but you also have it in a different folder and don’t want to reduplicate files. Well the ERMIE will let you store quick links to all of those things so now they’re in one place. Here’s just a quick example of what the process can look like for adding items from a folder. Obviously you can add a lot more things, but I just wanted to give a brief example.

Well, there you have it. That’s ERMIE. Granted I’ve been too busy to organize much on my computer, but I certainly like the THOUGHT of organization :) And hopefully you will too. The problem with bigger and bigger hard drives and more and more information available is that soon you need someone to help you keep track of all that information. ERMIE may not be the final answer, but as organizational tools go, it’s pretty cool. In addition, people can share their ERMIE catalogs. Although I haven’t yet figured out all the advantages of this (it would be fine for sharing web links, but you can’t very well share local files), I’m sure this will be helpful to some.

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