Things to Love in BibleWorks 8…

Written by Michael Hanel on December 10th, 2008

Wow, where was I? Although I am finished with all my final papers, I still have a bit of work to do to finish this quarter on the teaching side of the desk, so I have to save really meaty pictures for another day or so, but let’s make the eleventh thing to love about BibleWorks 8 the addition of the text of the Early Church Fathers series.

In BibleWorks 8, these are found as an HTML resource. So the text looks more like a book format (or as you can find it online at CCEL) rather than a Bible version (which means the ECF includes tagged Scripture refs, footnotes, page numbers, and page formatting). This has mostly to do with how complicated it would be to make versions out of these texts. I know because I and a few others tried before.

The texts do have the added benefit, however, that any time they have a listed verse reference in them to the Bible, when you are in that verse on the Browse Window, a link will show up in the Analysis Resources Summary just like you would find for a grammar or lexicon link.

Near as I can tell, the content is exactly the same as this package. The major difference is the price.

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