Things to Love in BibleWorks 8…

Written by Michael Hanel on December 1st, 2008

Well I have delayed this one long enough, so for rounding out your top ten list (although when I wrote them I didn’t imply any ranking system, so it’s not like I’m trying to say #4 is better than #8) of things to love in BibleWorks 8 is the Related Verses Tool!

The Related Verses Tool (RVT) allows for powerful word searching at lightning-fast speed. The idea behind it is that this tool will enable you to quickly find verses that closely match the content of the search verse based upon the number of words in common between your search verse and the rest of the Biblical text. Here’s an example of what the RVT looks like in action.

Obviously this tool can be used for any language, but I think the Biblical languages really help this tool shine.

Finally, here is a small example of what this can look like if you use Louw-Nida semantic domain option in your search.

PMT vs. RVT?

The main difference between the Phrase Match Tool and Related Verses Tool is the things each is searching for. The PMT is searching for a connected ordering of words ( = phrases), but the RVT looks for similar words being used (in no particular order at all). Thus the two Tools do something similar in the sense that they enable users to find other verses with SOMETHING in common with your search verse, but the results for each will be very different because that SOMETHING in common which they are searching for is not the same at all. I don’t necessarily think one of the Tools is better than the other. I think both are handy and you will use both of them, but whether you use one more or the other less will depend on what exactly it is you’re looking for or what you think is important on any given search. If you’re wondering where an exact phrase is used before like “I am the”, you’re no doubt going to want to open the Phrase Matching Tool. The cool thing about the Phrase Matching Tool is that while you no doubt would have thought of searching that specific phrase before, it may bring out some other phrase that you hadn’t given much thought about before and show you some very interesting places where this other phrase occurs. As Forrest Gump once said, “…You just never know what you’re gonna get.” On the other hand, if you want to find a verse that uses the verb εὐχαριστέω and the noun πάτηρ that’s easy enough to do. But the RVT might help you see other verses that use those words (and other ones) that you might not have previously thought all that significant.

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