Things to Love in BibleWorks 8…

Written by Michael Hanel on November 30th, 2008

Let’s head back over to the Analysis Window for the ninth cool new thing in BibleWorks 8: the Context tab.

The Context tab is a new addition to the tabs in the Analysis Window. It is broken down into three parts: the context of the pericope, the context of the book and the context of the chapter. The first and largest section (in screen distribution) will list all words found in the context of the pericope. The pericope context is defined by the Bible Outlines and they can be changed at will. But let’s say you’re in Gen 1:1. The context tab will list all words in the pericope from Gen 1:1 to Gen 2:3 because according to the Bible Outline, the next pericope begins at Gen 2:4. (If you don’t like the default Bible outline, BibleWorks 8 has 6 others, or you can modify any or create your own and use that.) This flexibility allows you to at a glance see the vocabulary of any particular pericope. The Context tab works in any language and can be used in morphological versions as well. You can sort the list either by Frequency (default) or Alphabetically (right mouse click and done).

So here in its full glory is another example of the Context tab, this time using the BGM (Greek morphological version):

Okay. So far I covered the first pane in the Context tab, but there are two others. The one on the top right contains all the words found in the entire book of the passage selected. So if I am in John 7:3 in the Browse Window, the Context tab’s Book Context will show all words in the Book of John. Again, words are sortable by Frequency or Alphabetically. Lists can be copied to the Word List Manager or to the Clipboard if you want to do more with them. Clicking on a word in this list will display in the Search List all instances of this word so that you can examine them more closely in the Browse Window.

The final window (bottom right) is all words contained in the context of the chapter. So again, if I am in John 7:3 in the Browse Window, the Chapter Context window will show all words contained in Chapter 7 of the Book of John. Clicking on a word here will bring up in the Search List all occurrences of the word in Chapter 7 of John. Again, sorting can be done by Frequency or Alphabetically and lists can be exported to the Clipboard (or Editor) or to the Word List Manager.

Note BibleWorks 7 (and previous versions) had the ability to do all of this kind of work via the Word List Manager, but what BW8 did was make it easier (and quicker) to access this same material. I won’t spend much time talking about the value of this particular feature (that seems like a different type of post), but I will say if you are someone who likes to see how words (or what words) are used in these three areas, the context of the pericope, the book and chapter, the new Context Tab will be a great feature for you!

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