Vaticanus Update - Images of the entire NT

Written by jdarlack on September 30th, 2006

Pasquale is at it again. This time he’s put together a new module that contains images of Codex Vaticanus for the entire New Testament.

This module is very large, as it has two complete editions of Vaticanus.

The first edition which is directly linked to the Resource Summary Window, is the pseudofacsimile of Vaticanus by Giuseppe Cozza-Luzi and Carlo Vercellone (Bibliorum sacrorum Graecus Codex Vaticanus: auspice Pio IX. Pontifice Maximo [Romae: Typis et impensis S. Congregationis de Propaganda Fide, 1869]). In the Gospel of John and in James the pseudofacsimile images have been replaced with better images of the actual Codex Vaticanus.

Each of the images mentioned above is in turn linked to an image of Tischendorf’s transcription of Vaticanus (Novum Testamentum Vaticanum: post Angeli Maii aliorumque imperfectos Labores ex ipso codice [Lipsiae: Giesecke et Derient, 1867]).

To install this file, download and unzip into your BibleWorks 7/databases folder. If you have previously installed an earlier edition of Pasquale’s Vaticanus module, just let the new unzipped files overwrite them.

Enjoy this great addition to BibleWorks by Pasquale Amicarelli!

**This version has been updated, see this post.

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