Things to Love in BibleWorks 8…

Written by Michael Hanel on November 26th, 2008

I’m already up to #5 in this series of things to love in the latest edition of BibleWorks, BibleWorks 8.

This time I’m going to highlight the expanded ease of cross-references. Not only did BibleWorks add a whole bunch of new cross-reference databases, they’ve also made it a lot easier to learn quickly about the cross references. Now if you click a tab called “X-refs” in the Analysis Window you can instantly have not only the verses, but also the text of cross-referenced verses at your eyes. You can quickly choose which Bible version you want the cross-references to be displayed in and you can also add or subtract your own cross-references to create a cross-reference database for your own uses. Maybe you keep notes in your Bible at certain verses like (See Joh 7.4 or Mat 3.5). With the x-ref tab you can quickly do this same sort of thing and save your X-refs to its own unique file so that you can share it with others. It’s pretty neat.

X-refs, or Christ-refs, as Christians call them

X-refs, or Christ-refs, as Christians call them

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