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Written by Michael Hanel on November 8th, 2008

Apologia: I know this series may not immediately fit under the umbrella of BibleWorks, but I hope it won’t be too far afield for people who use that program. The immediate reason for posting the reviews here is because I do not have any other blogging outlet other than this blog (I know, thousands are disappointed that I’m not splurshing the blogosphere with unique viewpoints). But, if BibleWorks users are those who are people with a desire to get to know the Biblical word in its original languages, books like Campbell’s on verbal aspect, do indeed fill a void. Although BibleWorks has numerous wonderful grammatical resources available within the program, clearly a module or add-on which covered the topic of verbal aspect in such an easy-to-understand way would be a wonderful addition.

This week (11/10-11/14) Zondervan’s Koinonia blog will be hosting a number of posts from Campbell and be linking to user reviews of his book. I know they will be cross-linking all the reviews, but I thought I’d keep a listing here as well. Drop me a line if I missed yours.

Constantine Campbell’s Series on Koinonia:

Day 1: What is Aspect and why does it matter?

Day 2: What is Aktionsart?

Day 3: Verbal Aspect and the Aorist Indicative.

Day 4: Verbal Aspect and the Present Indicative.

Day 5: Verbal Aspect and Exegesis.

and the Reviews In no particular order:

1. Donald Kim.

2. Matthew Malcolm.

3. Mike Aubrey and part two.

4. Phil Gons.

5. James Steinbach.

6. Jerry @ Minor Mutterings.

7. Rev. Lane Keister.

8. James Kubecki.

9. Brad Johnson (via BW3). (gets distinction as the first more negative than positive review; note also the discussion in the comments section)

10. Josh Walker.

11. Clifford Kvidahl.

12. Koinonia’s “official” list of links.

13. Carl Conrad on James Spinti’s blog.

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