New Version - The Leeser Bible

Written by Michael Hanel on October 27th, 2008

Probably not a well-known translation, but nevertheless a rather important one historically is Isaac Leeser’s translation of the Hebrew Bible from 1853. His translation was the first such one done in America, originally for fellow English speaking Jews. Prior to his work on this translation he had already made a Hebrew-English version of the Torah and published an edition of the Masoretic text, so to say he was prolific would be an understatement. When is the last time you published a Masoretic version of the Hebrew Bible?

In any event, the English is a little old-fashioned for our times, but his translations and interpretations may still prove insightful for many.


Unzip the files into your \databases\ subfolder, restart BibleWorks and you’re ready to go!

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