Happy Easter or Merry Christmas?

Written by Michael Hanel on August 2nd, 2006

Attn: BibleWorks 7 users ~

Be sure to run your updates, Mike Bushell just posted a brand new release for BW 7.0, Robertson’s Greek Grammar!! Oh did I mention the extra cost for this upgrade? Oh I didn’t? That’s because there is none. It’s a free upgrade for all 7.0 users! It’s a happy day today (can you tell?)!

Added by jdarlack 8.3.06 @ noon: Special thanks should be given to Dr. Ted Hildebrandt of Gordon College! Ted’s the one responsible for the scanning of Robertson’s grammar. In fact, Ted’s shed a bucket load of blood, sweat and tears over digitizing grammatical resources for Greek and biblical studies resources in general - all for the sake of making these valuable resources available online for FREE. Check out his page!

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