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Written by jdarlack on September 17th, 2008

Well, finally, I think I’ve got most of the downloads in place on the BibleWorks Blog. We still have one version to replace that neither Michael nor I have been able to locate on our hard drives:

  • Callimachus’ Hymns & Epigrams in Greek (see post)

If you have this file (originally named calm.zip), please contact us via the comments (or the forum thread).

I have not yet made any real attempt to replace the GSE files that were once in place. (The initial list and the folder that contained the files were completely lost. :( ) If anyone happens to have them, let me know. Or, if you remember sending in one of your own GSE files (or if you’d like to share a GSE file for a search that you were particularly proud of constructing) let me know as well.

In the near future I hope to start putting together instructions for installing (and/or creating) all of these files.

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