User Database: Herodotus in English

Written by Michael Hanel on July 22nd, 2006

Earlier this year I compiled Herodotus’ Histories in Greek for BibleWorks. Now this invaluable resource is even more invaluable with an English translation to help you out just in case you’re still working on the Greek.

The translation is that of A.D. Godley from 1920. It is in the public domain.

This database includes all 9 Books of Herodotus’ great work on the History of the Persian Wars. Anyone interested in learning more about Herodotus or this particular work should definitely check out the website Herodotus on the Web. This project was largely completed thanks to the effort of other users of BibleWorks, but Michael Hanel still gets the glory for encouraging the work and making it happen. (that’s sarcasm ;) ) BibleWorks staff is not responsible for the content or the use of this database. So if you have any problems with the database, contact me, not BibleWorks support. While the text has not been proofed completely, it appeared to be a fairly clean text. If you find any glaring problems please email me (address available in the readme.txt file) and I will try to get out a better edition.

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