New Module - Index to the Great Isaiah Scroll

Written by jdarlack on July 22nd, 2006

So, I’ve finally had a chance to try my hand at making a custom BibleWorks module. For my first try, I’ve put together an index to the Great Isaiah Scroll. This very basic index merely links a user to the proper page of 1QIsaiaha, as it is hosted on Fred P. Miller’s Great Isaiah Scroll Directory.

I’m really psyched about this feature. I’m hoping to compile some more research helps very soon, and I know that Ewan MacLeod has his sights on some great projects!

Check it out. To install, simply unzip the file and copy everything to your BibleWorks/Databases directory. When you are in a verse in Isaiah, a link to the index will appear in the Resource Summary of the Analysis Window. You can also access the index by going to the Resources menu and looking under the Text Criticism category for “Darlack, 1QIsaiahA Index.”

Update to the files with corrections posted 24 July 2006. Click link above.

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