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Written by Michael Hanel on September 1st, 2008

Did you know that if you Google “BibleWorks 7″ this blog doesn’t even show up on the first page of searches? Well it didn’t yesterday anyway, but in a shameless effort in order to increase the logic of the search engine, I will try to mention BibleWorks 7 specifically more often.

(This actually is not even an ego- or monetary-driven plot. I think if someone is looking at BibleWorks 7 this website would be one of the best things they would want to know about because they would learn that when they purchase BibleWorks 7, they’re not only getting all of the great things that come as part of the program, they’re also getting a humongous list of other freebies, some of which are not available on any other platform.)

However, in a Google search for “BibleWorks”, our blog does show up and on the first page of the search is also this neat little link to an instructional guide to BibleWorks 7 from the Yale Divinity Library.

Now chances are you aren’t going to learn anything new from it if you’ve been using BibleWorks 7 for a long time, but sometimes we learn best by constant review and seeing things explained from a different point of view. Also, if you’re like me, you probably only read Help files as a last resort, so you might have missed something really basic quite early on. In any case, here’s the link for you again:

Divinity Library Instructional Guide: BibleWorks 7.0

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